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Welcome to Predator Control Group. If you are a customer or a client, we want to start by saying thank you. If you are new to the site we would like to welcome you and explain what Predator Control Group is and how we can meet your needs. We wear two hats for two separate groups of clients.

Hat one, we provide predator control trapping for land owners and land managers to protect their wildlife and property. We travel to your property and take care of your coyote, bobcat, raccoon, opossum, skunk, beaver and otter problems. We can also provide training to you or to one of your employees on your property. This training will start with the basics and move into more advanced skill sets. In addition to training, we consult with you on how to achieve better Quality Deer Management practices concerning your game with predator control. Predator Control Group travels all over the country providing land owners, farms, and ranches with predator control and training. In addition, due to the request of our clients, we have implemented another learning tool with our trapping/snaring schools. These schools will give your guys another avenue of learning to trap and snare.

Our second hat is providing superior quality products and education to fur and control trappers. The lures and baits we offer are the same ones we use to achieve our high per square mile catches for both fur and control trapping. We refuse to cut quality in our animal scents for a higher profit. You can count on Predator Control Group lures and baits. We are also proud of our trapping and snaring DVD's and books. Our DVD's are based on a simple principle; produce products that teach trappers, no matter their level, to catch more fur and catch it faster. We specialize in the performance side of trapping more than other DVD's and books on the market. The goal of always getting better, faster, and more productive comes through in our trapping videos and books. This is why we are the leaders in training and training products around the country. We guide and teach more trappers, government agencies, professional trappers, and wild life property managers than anyone else. We are very protective of the Predator Controld Group name and strive to be associated with only the best products that will help you produce more fur.

Predator Control Group, INC is owned by Clint Locklear. Predator Control Group is a group of like minded professional trappers who work and stand together to provide the best products and services available. This is our strength and it gives us the ability stay at the top of the trapping field. Professionalism breeds a higher degree of professionalism.

We will be at several conventions this summer. If we are at the same convention as you, make sure to introduce yourself. We truly enjoy talking trapping. If we can ever help you with your trapping in any way, let us know. Enjoy this site and Wolfer Nation. Most importantly enjoy your time in the woods this fall and winter. Sets goals. Get the right information and equipment. Put in the work to complete your personal fur mission.



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